Zielinski PhotoRev. Philip Zielinski was born, August 25, 1978.
Lutheran education has been central to the nurture of his faith, attending Lutheran elementary and high schools in the Detroit area and graduating from Martin Luther High School, Greendale, Wisconsin, in 1996.
He then entered the teacher education program at Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois.
After graduating from Concordia University (2000 BA, Secondary Ed. Vocal Music and Theology) Pastor Zielinski immediately began studies at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2004 he graduated with the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and was called and ordained.
In service to the Church, Pastor Zielinski:
  • made two trips to Liberia, West Africa, to provide pastoral training workshops in the rural areas of the country
  • served on the Ohio District Stewardship Task Force
  • was chair of the Resolutions Committee (2015 &2018)
  • was Circuit Visitor (2016-2018)
  • was Vicarage Supervisor
  • has been published in the Lutheran Witness, the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty, and Higher Things Magazine
  • was delegate to the LCMS National Convention (2016, 2019), and appointed by President Harrison to the 2016 Floor Committee on Family.
In addition to the joy of serving God’s people, he enjoys spending time with his daughters, bowling, shooting sports, fostering rescue dogs, movies and media, hobby machining and woodworking, and tinkering with gadgets of all sorts.
In 2010 he travelled to Colombia to adopt his five daughters. Yuliza (2001, jew-lisa); Lorena (2003, lore-A-nah); Valeria (2004, vuh-LAIR-ee-ah); Yurledis (2005, jure-Ladies); and Yesenia (2007, jess-en-yuh). The girls attend Lutheran West, Rocky River, and two are alumnae (2022, 2020). They reside in Brunswick, Ohio.
Pastor Zielinski previously has served as: Pastor, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Van Wert, Ohio, (2010 – 2014); Vacancy Pastor, Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana, (2009 – 2010); Supply Pastor, Salem Lutheran Church, Sturgis, Michigan, (2006 – 2009); Admission Counselor, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana (2006 – 2009); Assistant and Associate Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church, Platte Woods, Missouri (2004 – 2006); and Vicar, Saint John’s Lutheran Church, Topeka, Kansas (2002-2003).
Degrees Held:
BA, Secondary Education, Vocal Music and Theology, Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois (2000)
M.Div. Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana (2004)
Continuing Education:
Doxology (Classic Program, Doxology II, COVID Respite Retreat, and Spotlight conferences)
Training for certification as a parliamentarian through the National Association of Parliamentarians.
Rev. Philip Zielinski, Pastor: (330)483-4119
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Anytime, by appointment.
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