Christmas Eve Service Times Survey

Merry Christmas!!

Can you take just a minute and answer a couple of questions that will help the Elders and Pastor decide how best to schedule services on Christmas Eve?

Thanks for your input!

Video of Jeff Burgess’ Presentation is Available

Seminarian Jeff Burgess’ presentation about his vicarage year and final year at seminary is available on the media page of www.spvc.org. Take a look and enjoy!

St. Paul “Healthier You”

Friends in Christ,
Please take a moment to complete this simple health questionnaire. Your answers are completely confidential and will assist the wellness team here at St. Paul to address the health concerns you may have. Thank you for your participation!
Click here for the survey:

“Healthier You” Survey Link

Blessings in Christ,St. Paul Wellness Team

St. Paul Lutheran, Valley City, Ohio

St. Paul – Chaplain Partnership 7th annual Brew Fest-October 14th

CHAPLAIN PARTNERSHIP – 7th annual Brew Fest will be on Wednesday October 14th from 6 to 9pm held at the Market Garden Brewery, 1947 West 25th St., Cleveland. 

Note: There is an error on the "Newsletter" calendar. The correct date is October 14th.

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